Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Music?

Sound volume

Have you made sure your computer is able to play sound?
Are your speakers turned on and sound volume turned up?

Audio & Video preferences

Go to Edit > Preferences - Click the Audio & Video tab - Turn on Play Streaming Music When Available - Click OK

Music controller

Locate the music controller at the bottom of the screen.

If your Audio & Video preferences have been set correctly and the buttons on the music controller are still dark, it means that no music stream is currently available for this parcel of land.

Locate the music controller - Click the Play button - Change the music's volume by clicking the "up" arrow next to the master volume slider to reveal the volume control panel. Change the Music volume slider to change only the volume of streaming audio.

Increase Maximum Bandwidth

Go to Edit menu > Preferences -Click the Network tab - Slide the Maximum Bandwidth slider to the right - Click OK - Click the Play button on the music controller.

Music is still not playing!

Music streams do not pass through Second Life's servers. If a music stream fails to play, there may be a connection problem between your computer and the music stream's server. The format of the music stream, bandwidth constraints and location can also prevent your computer from playing music. Because of this, it is possible that other Residents can hear a music stream while you can't!

Try another music stream

To change the music stream, you need to either own the land or have appropriate group abilities on group-owned land. Stand on the parcel of land Go to World > About Land... Click the Media tab Enter a new Music URL Press Enter

Privacy in OZLAND

As our kingdom grows the question of privacy may be on your mind. Please note that it is impossible to be totally private in SL (unless you buy your own sim and close it to to everybody.. but what fun is that??) ... but there are a few things you can do to maximize your amount of privacy and not intrude on the privacy of others.

I can see a neighbour's skybox

Sims are 256x256m square.. so if you live on one end.. and see someone's build at the other end.. check your draw distance.. we set ours at 100-128ish.. if you have yours set at 512..(or your slider says Ultra) you will see clear into the next sim... :) A high draw distance is also a major cause of lag on your computer. See Sven and Llola's tips in this blog for how to adjust draw distance.

I can hear the neighbours

Voice carries as far as 100m. Normal text chat only goes 20m but if you SHOUT it goes to 100m. If you want to be totally private use IM or Private Voice.

Keeping the above information in mind

When putting up a skybox... set your distance to 200m or so... look around, up and below .. if you can't see anything you are far enough away to avoid overhearing or being overheard. If you do see a neighbor's structure YOU should go up or down until you cannot see them (with new viewer you can place skyboxes anywhere up to 4096m) .

If you are putting up a new skybox or moving an old one it is YOUR responsibility to consider your neighbours privacy.

You can set a security device in your skybox to secure your box.. not the whole sim. We do want to encourage visitors. You can ban someone from your land... If they keep bothering you, please let Sven or Llola know.. and we will ban them from our kingdom (all 5 sims) but there is no guarantee they won't come back as an alt and bug you some more.

In situations of strangers we are CHILLING... being nice is best.. it may be just a mistake that they are there. Specially if they are newbie. Try and be nice.

Lastly.. we TRUST all of our residents in OZLAND.. you are the best of the best in SL... we need to trust each other so we can have a wonderful family and and awesome life in OZLAND...

Hope this helps ... please feel free to distribute this to your friends...
Hugsssssssssssss Queen Llola and King Sven