Monday, April 20, 2009

Second Life Quick Guide

Second Life Quickstart Guide Second Life Quickstart Guide Torley If you're new to Second Life or simply want to refresh yourself on the essentials, we've freshly published a Quickstart Guide PDF! Perfect for perusing and printing (to paper), this elegant, stylish doc will prime you on basic Second Life skills while making you smile in 7 pages.

The Quickstart Guide is also linked to from appropriate areas of our website such as "What is Second Life?", making it accessible to new Residents. If you want to help a friend out, be sure to point them to it. The Guide is very visual and we've addressed hot questions like "How do I get voice chat setup?" There's even a lovely list of Keyboard Shortcuts at the end.

I know how long this guide has been wished for, and wishes come true. We plan to update it as changes inevitably happen, and translations into other languages are planned, too. (Hey, that rhymes.) No plans for a "Remind Me" remix yet, but you never know… ;)

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