Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting Noticed in SL

You have a great product to sell or a really fun event planned. How do you get people to come to you in SL? Here are some simple ideas.

Add the location to your picks (and get friends to do it too). Make sure you use keywords people might search for in the description. Choosing the right keywords is very important in any thing on a search system. Think what you would type into a search to find your location. You can change the description from what it automatically gets from the location, this is good if you are only renting the land.

If you own the plot make sure the name and land description have good keywords in them.

Make sure the things you sell and/or your vendors are marked as 'Show in Search' – change the item names to include words that people will search for.

As you can see from the example search picture (if you click it it will give a bigger version) it can help people find things on your plot. A hint though - don't set your treasure hunt items to 'Show in Search' - that makes things too easy.

If you don't mind spending some L$ then add your location to Places and/or Classifieds. Again you need to think of the words people will use in search both in the title and the description. Furnishings may not be something people will type into search, so I would add furniture, table, chair, sofa, couch, lamp. light, carpet, rug, low prim and so on - but only use words that really apply. With classifieds the more you pay the higher up the list you will be against people who have the same keywords - but that is something you have to decide based on sales.

Make sure you post your events in SL Events page and other websites such as http://www.sluniverse.com and http://www.secondnights.com I often use slightly different Landmarks for the different websites , it can give you an idea of which sites are being effective.

For Ozland events also ask Sven or Llola to add to the calendar and make group notices.

Use your own groups and friends lists as well to let people know what is happening.